Partnership opportunities

We know that collaboration in local communities and partnership working is vital for improving the university access agenda.

We are always on the look out for collaborations, whether it’s ways to improve or supplement delivery of global programmes, research into target areas of need, policy and advocacy work, new school or university links and more.

Whether you’re a university, business, social organisation, PhD researcher or potential funder, we want to hear from you.

Sponsorship and fundraising

COVID-19 has presented unprecedented challenges for ensuring that all young people — especially those in under-represented communities — can continue to progress to tertiary education. It is more important than ever to support educationalists across our global network in innovating new higher education access programmes alongside schools, communities, local NGOs and universities.

If you’re interested in supporting the long-term sustainability of our incubator model in countries around the world, we’d love to have a conversation.

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Corporate partnerships

We aim to work closely with corporations to build strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships that support everyone’s priorities and ensures progress towards high-impact, sustainable university access models for disadvantaged young people across the globe.

Here are a few ways your business can partner with AccessEd:

Programme Sponsor
  • Contribute to projects or operations that make our work possible
  • Receive bespoke impact reports showing the difference your business has made
  • Employee fundraising
Programme Partner
  • Deliver World of Work experience days to young people
  • Give careers advice and keynote speeches to young people
  • Leverage employee experience and skills to give back
Seed & Development Partner
  • Be the primary brand partner in the development and pilot of a new programme in a new country / region
  • Form a longer term partnership to support more young people over multiple years

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