AccessEd does more than just deliver tertiary education programmes.

We capacity build local partners – universities, PhDs, local NGOs and entrepreneurs – to deliver sustainable university access solutions in their communities, globally.

Our Vision

Our Approach

We have a 4-step approach to building a global network of university access programmes through an incubator model with local partners.

Grow a thriving international researcher PhD community

AccessEd reaches PhDs via our researcher development training with UK universities, and alumni from our global programmes. We grow a thriving community for researchers to share opportunities, knowledge exchange, and to apply for AccessEd’s Incubator.

Recruit promising education entrepreneurs to AccessEd’s Incubator programme

AccessEd's Incubator programme invites education entrepreneurs to build an access initiative in their country – either through an existing organisation or one they will set up. Our application process formally selects and on boards them to the Incubator: site visits, partner development workshops and more.

Connect education entrepreneurs, universities and postgraduates:
a 3 way collaboration in-country

AccessEd connects education entrepreneurs and the university community. AccessEd facilitates a collaboration and provides formal backing to the newly established partnership. This prepares the partnership for delivery of a university access initiative.

Seed and develop university access programmes, sharing blueprints and support with our new partner(s)

AccessEd supports the education entrepreneur through the Incubator. We assist with new or existing organisation development; support fundraising applications and income strategy. AccessEd provides pre-existing programme blueprints for adaptation in local education systems.

Collaboration in communities

AccessEd was founded to share resources, expertise and support with partners globally who are creating their own university access projects.

We believe that communities have a powerful role to play in university access. Universities, researchers, entrepreneurial individuals and organisations have the local system expertise, connections between people and motivation to reach solutions. Evidence calls for greater collaboration to find the appropriate access solutions that best meet the needs of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The case for university access

An inclusive, high-quality education is a key driver to breaking cycles of poverty and reducing socio-economic inequality.

Universities globally play a key role in producing the economic opportunities, and the intellectual and human capital, needed to solve the challenges of sustainable development and the societal problems of tomorrow.

University can be transformative for individual and societal life outcomes, improving employment prospects, earning power, health, well-being and civic engagement. A university education prepares young people to participate in a global economy and global society.

Our values

The values that drive everything we do


We collaborate with education entrepreneurs and NGOs, researchers and university institutions to build effective solutions that address access to university.


We empathise with the thoughts, emotions and experiences of team members and partners. We provide genuine support to one another.


We seize leadership initiative and take social responsibility, championing new ideas and striving to always do our very best.


We acknowledge and value the experience and expertise of educationalists locally, and readily admit mistakes.


We celebrate diversity, are open minded, and value others and their differing views.

Our Collaborators

We collaborate with a variety of organisations, individuals and research bodies in the UK, South Africa, Botswana, Ireland, Malaysia, US and Hong Kong.

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