Postgraduate Development Programme

What is it?

The Postgraduate Development Programme helps universities, doctoral academies and scholarship groups develop their postgraduate students with a series of unique workshops.

Workshops prepare postgraduates to be social and professional leaders, whilst providing critical support to international students and encouraging university retention.

As an international NGO and training body, we are able to flexibly support your institution and students in obtaining the necessary skills, knowledge and attributes needed to complete their degree, and excel in their long-term career or research ambitions.

Our Partners

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We have 30+ workshops across 4 curricula strands:

Researcher skills for success

Equipping students with essential skills for their research degree: public engagement, presenting, study skills, thesis writing, project management.

Social impact and Leadership

Developing students on the models, strategies and practical skills in social enterprise and impact needed to be the future leaders in their field.

International Excellence

Supporting international student success and experience in the UK; courses to create globally –minded home students.

Employability, Careers, Enterprise

Preparing graduates for whatever is next: careers mapping from a research degree, CV and cover letter writing, skills to stand out in the professional world.

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University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent workshop participants.

A bespoke approach to workshops and delivery

35+workshops across 4 key curricula strands
Courses range from 2 - 3 hours, providing a deep dive into the subject area and accompanied by supplementary independent learning resources
Postgraduate and Undergraduate workshop options
Course content can be mapped to degree stage, be it early degree orientation or mid to late-degree

What we offer our partners

Suite of courses developed through historic delivery to UK universities and UK Scholarship groups
Highly qualified trainers with expertise in student retention, social impact, university widening participation and international students
Unique, hands-on training structure that draws on real-world knowledge and practical experience
Student access future development and participation opportunities in our international education programmes
Courses have been delivered digitally throughout Covid; adapted / tested for high-quality online delivery
London universities workshop - Commonwealth Scholarship Commission

Benefits to postgraduates

Participants leave having developed a range of skills:

Student retention and satisfaction in-degree
Harness their research for social impact in communities
Master excellence in research skills
Avenues for public engagement
Build employability and career opportunities
Access to an exclusive global network of researchers

What people say about AccessEd courses...

International Student Success Workshop Series

“These workshops fill a gap in social impact and personal development training which is out there. International Students leave feeling empowered to apply their research for social good, genuinely equipped with skills, and able to be leaders in their scholarship field.”
                                                        – University Partner

‘Strategy Planning: linking Research to Impact Goals’ training

“Exactly what I needed! Was struggling to backwards plan my research and think about future social impact I want to have after my degree. Gave such a clear structure for doing that.”
                                         – Tanvir, PhD Scholar, Commonwealth Scholarship Commission 2021

‘Transitioning to a Career’ training

“It has helped me with being able to evidence planning and course design for other posts within education”
                       – Joshua, PhD, Kings College London 2017

‘Public Engagement’ training

“I am now more confident in facilitating group discussion where I felt I didn’t have the ability before. I have ideas for a public engagement strategy for myself. I was in real need of these skills for my degree.”
                        – Daria, PhD, University of Sheffield 2018

‘Writing and Communicating in Diverse Environments’ training

“I am new to study in the UK. It helped me to learn different ways of writing and talking to people especially in teams. It’s great for my work in the lab and communicating with people from all over the world in my degree. ”
                                                                                          – Precious, PhD Scholar, Commonwealth Scholarship Commission 2020

Postgraduate Development Programme
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