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The AccessEd Alumni network is for researchers, teachers, partners and staff who have participated in AccessEd programmes in the past.

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An online platform for our valued alumnus to:

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See future job and programme opportunity postings in the education sector
Build social and professional links with a global network of researchers and entrepreneurs
Sign up to networking, professional development and social events (online and in-person)
Share your own news and information relevant to other members
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Case study

Member testimonial - Ayokunle Familua

Ayokunle is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Department for Electrical and Electronic Engineering Science, University of Johannesburg. Having helped shape the educational journeys of learners on the AccessEd South Africa programme, he has since gone on to teach.

“It was a fulfilling experience to mentor young and bright minds from under-represented communities by giving them a feel of the university environment and exposing them to careers in the technology space. The AccessEd manual was well-structured to guide tutors to help improve learners’ skills in all areas. Beyond the programme, I have been able to consistently provide mentorship to a few students from the school I was assigned. Some of these learners look forward to being enrolled in a higher learning institution next year”
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Case study

Member testimonial - Tereza Mytakou

Tereza is a PhD student at Trintiy College Dublin. Since her involvement in our Scholars Ireland programme, she has gone on teach further and expand her public engagement profile.

“The programme was an educative experience not just for my students, but for me as well. I gained valuable experience in teaching about issues which are often controversial and very political. The Scholars Ireland programme also helped me tailor my research to a more general audience, to break it into simpler steps and concepts so as to make it more accessible, and, in this way, to gain a better understanding of it myself. I would definitely recommend involvement with AccessEd to any new researcher who is passionate about teaching marginalised groups and increasing accessibility to education, and who at the same time wishes to gain experience teaching their topic!”
Trees planted by since 2006
Volunteers worldwide

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