We’re launching a NEW Global Ambassador Network!

Have you worked on one of our programmes before? Then we’d like to hear your story!

We’re recruiting PhDs and Masters’ students who have participated one of our initiatives to become an ambassador of AccessEd’s Global Network of Collaborators.

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for passionate individuals who would like to continue supporting AccessEd’s mission.  Ambassadors typically participate in 3-4 of the following activities over the course of a year:

Join the AccessEd Alumni Network on LinkedIn if you’re not already a member
Deliver a keynote at an AccessEd event, i.e. workshops, networking events or launch/ graduation events
Share information, advice, and guidance about university during an AccessEd academic enrichment workshop
Attend networking events for members of the AccessEd Alumni Network
Record a testimonial video (3-5 minutes) about their association with AccessEd
Write a testimonial (500 words) about their association with AccessEd
Make a social media post, i.e. on Twitter or LinkedIn, about work with AccessEd

What’s in it for Ambassadors?

This voluntary position gives you:

Additional public engagement opportunities
Ways to communicate your research to younger audiences
Inroads to supporting the university access agenda
Connections with other alumni and staff member related to your subject, field or interests
Coverage of travel and other expenses associated with any events

Application process

Become an ambassador of AccessEd’s Global Network of Collaborators through a quick two-step process:

Short expression of interest: fill out the form below
Informal, online chat with an AccessEd staff member (we’re always keen to be in contact!)

We accept rolling applications, so get in touch!

If you have any questions about being an Ambassador, contact Programmes Lead, nicola@access-ed.ngo

Thanks for submitting the application. We’ll be in touch about the next and final Step 2 – an informal, online chat with the AccessEd team!
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