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Scholars Ireland launched in 2018 in partnership with the Trinity Access 21 project at Trinity College Dublin. Trinity Access Programmes support post-secondary educational progression by partnering with schools to develop strong ‘college going cultures’ and innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

The programme is designed to give pupils an authentic experience of university.

AccessEd has worked with Trinity College Dublin over 5 programme cohorts to build capacity within partner schools so that all students are informed and prepared to make post-secondary educational choices which will support them to realise their full educational potential.

Being taught by PhD tutors across a range of subjects
Campus visits to Trinity College Dublin and Queen’s University Belfast 

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What Scholars think


"The programme has given me an insight into college life and I would highly recommend to students at my school as I have taken away some valuable college and life skills"


"I would highly  recommend the Scholars Ireland programme. It is engaging, develops key skills, and promotes college awareness, independent learning and accountability. "


"I got the chance to experience what third level education is like. I would never ever have thought about going to college before - now it's something I'll explore."


"The programme is a  fantastic opportunity for students to start thinking about their future and to recognise that college is a possibility for them. Students are instilled with confidence and self-worth when they complete the programme. There is a great sense of pride and achievement."
The programme was presented to us, by our teacher, as an opportunity to work with a PhD student from Trinity and learn all about college standards and practices that we never heard of whilst in school. The subject we worked on was one I never anticipated liking. Unbeknownst to myself, going through the SI programme would have a huge impact on my own college experience. It wasn’t until I started in college and my essays were receiving strong feedback for referencing, while my friends were struggling to get to grips, that I realised the ways the SI programme had prepared me for college life and acclimating to this whole new world.
Jack - Student 2018-19 programme, now at Trinity College Dublin

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