The teacher reference is an important part of any university application as it gives context to your application. Your teacher's reference can make all the difference, helping you present strong, well-rounded application. It can also be useful to mention aspects of your academic profile, experience and personal abilities you maybe are not able to directly mention in your Personal Statement.

Who should I ask for a Teacher Reference?

You should ask a teacher who knows you well. They should be able to comment on your academic ability and your qualities as a student. Typically, they will be in the subject that you are applying to, or a related subject.

When should I ask my teacher for a Teacher Reference?

You should approach your reference writer with a draft of your personal statement very early in Autumn term of Year 13. They may want to meet with you to discuss your application, and will then need time to write the reference. Don’t forget that they may be writing references for several other students, so the process could take a while.

What should be included in my Teacher Reference?

What goes into your Teacher Reference is really for your teacher to decide, but they will be trying to show off your suitability for your subject. If they are not aware of extra work you have done around your subject, or some of the activities we mention in section two, be sure they know what you have completed to show you are a great applicant.