The Elephant Group Research-Based Curricula Programme

Step 1

AccessEd and The Elephant Group have partnered to create a RBC Project Worksheet for students to track progress while completing a Research-Based Curricula coursebook.

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Step 2

Follow the instructions in the worksheet to choose a coursebook and topic that interests you. AccessEd's library has 80+ coursebooks written by PhD researchers and are based on their cutting-edge research at local universities. Coursebooks cover subjects in Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths).

Explore the Library

Step 3

Complete the activities in the Explore sections at the end of each resource and the Final Reflection Activity. Use the worksheet to track your progress as you go along. You can share your responses with your teacher.

Step 4

Finished your coursebook? Congratulations! Completing this programme will help you build skills and get university ready. Fill out the short form below to confirm your completion of The Elephant Group Research-Based Curricula Programme. Your certificate will be with you shortly!

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