RBC stands for 'research-based curricula'. This means that they have been designed by real university PhD students based on their research area. They are a chance for you to gain 'stretch' experience-- which is when you learn subject material past your school lessons and exam syllabus, which many universities look for in your application.

Each RBC tutorial pack includes six tutorials and a final assignment for students to complete independently. This is similar to the work required for a university course or module, so this is a great activity to mention in your UCAS application as an example of your subject interest and being university-ready.


Why are these packs are important?

The RBC tutorial packs can help you to build university-level skills and extra subject experience. Depending on the pack, this might include problem-solving, data analysis and arguing your viewpoint with evidence.

As well as the tutorial content, each pack also includes guidance to help you develop your independent research and study skills, and to become more confident using university terminology. 

Completing an RBC tutorial pack will demonstrate that you have made extra effort in your subject and demonstrate your intellectual curiosity.


When you should use these packs?

The packs are targeted at either students in Key Stage 4 or Key Stage 5. However, because this is stretch material, it can provide an interesting challenge whatever your age!

The RBC tutorial packs are primarily aimed at students in Year 11 and Year 12, who are beginning to engage with potential university subjects and want to build evidence for their UCAS application.


The RBC Libraries

These RBC libraries have over 45 modules that are organised into three subject groupings: Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences and STEM. We recommend that you browse through the library that best fits your subject interest, then choose an RBC tutorial pack you might like to complete.

Arts and Humanities Tutorial Packs

Social Sciences Tutorial Packs

STEM Tutorial Packs


Please note that many of the tutorial packs cover more than one school subject, for example, geography and statistics together. This is called interdisciplinary study and it is very common at university. Indeed, being able to demonstrate that you have engaged with 'interdisciplinary' study is likely to strengthen your UCAS application.

Support for Teachers

Click here for an overview of RBCs

Teachers at schools in Cumbria, the East Midlands and South Yorkshire may have opportunities for additional support, such as training and webinars.

Your school is eligible for free access as part of partnerships with local National Collaborative Outreach Programmes (NCOPs). Please click on the following links to see the tutorial packs organised by region.


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