'ReachUni' is a three-step programme that gives school and college students the support you need to reach a university that is a good fit for you.

This online programme will help you to become university ready, including making a great application to your target universities. 

How it Works


ReachUni takes you through three essential steps to help you become university ready.

Each step is broken down into bite-sized modules, which you can work through on your own or with help from your teachers. Don't worry if you're not sure where to start. You can follow the steps in order, or skip ahead if you are already confident with the earlier steps.

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1. Explore

2. Stretch

3. Apply

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Who ReachUni is For

ReachUni has been created for school and college students who are interested in university but need some extra help deciding what and where to study, or preparing to make an application.

We have brought the resources and opportunities you need together in one place. Some of these, such as university summer schools, are specifically targeted at students who need extra help and support.

These are designed primarily to be used for applications to UK universities via the UCAS system. However, they may also be useful for considering applications to international universities.

Here is a quick guide to the suggested age ranges for the three steps:

  • 'Explore' is for anyone in secondary school, but particularly if you are in Year 9 and above. These modules help you to decide which subjects and universities might be a good fit.

  • 'Stretch' is mainly for students in Year 11 and above. These modules help you to develop your skills and to build evidence for your UCAS application, which will typically be in Year 13.

  • 'Apply' is targeted at students who are in the process of applying to university. These modules help you practise writing your personal statement and complete a successful UCAS application.


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