Read the Impact Report of the Academic Seminar Programme that was delivered at the Taipei European School in May 2022.

"I thought it was fun. I learned new things that were quite challenging"

- Year 9 student at the Taipei European School

"I liked the challenging discussion in all my seminars. It was very interactive and engaging, allowing me to develop my ideas."

- Year 9 student at the Taipei European School

Download the full Academic Seminar Programme Impact Report here!

With the assistance of 2 returning Academic Supervisors, the programme supported 20 year 9 students from the Taipei European School.

The programme ran online over a 2-week period. It included launch and graduation events, university-style lectures, supervisor office hours and study-skills sessions.

Pupils attended a logic and reasoning workshop which was ran by Columbia University-based Logic Made Accessible.

Data snapshot 

Data outlined in the Impact Report shows that students progressed across all four competencies that have been shown to support access to university: university readiness, meta-cognition, self-efficacy and motivation

PhD Academic Supervisors

Pupils were tutor-mentored by PhD experts, from University of Oxford and Trinity College Dublin respectively. 

Data also demonstrates that both Academic Supervisors and Teachers endorsed outcomes associated with the programme.

"It has been absolutely wonderful. You can see from our students how much they really, truly enjoyed this journey, this learning experience. This has been something that they will move forward with when they one day go to university as well. It has really gone so smoothly. It was just effortless."

- Teacher at the Taipei European School

We look forward to the continued collaboration with the Taipei European School and other international schools and colleges to aid in preparing students for academic success at prestigious universities across the globe. 

If you want to know more about the Academic Seminar Programme, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].