AccessEd and HeppSY have partnered to create a series of Key Stage 3 subject coursebooks, free to download and use by teachers and students! We are excited to be launching this library of resources in July 2021 for local schools as a digital support tool.

The set of 6 Key Stage 3 coursebooks cover the core subjects English, Maths and Sciences. The coursebooks sit within AccessEd's library of 70+ coursebooks covering Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 - all free to use and fantastic for supporting in classroom and extra-curricular activity. Coursebooks are written by PhD researchers and are based on their cutting-edge research at local universities. 

HeppSY+ Research-Based Curricula Key Stage 3 library

The resources are designed to: 

  • Promote intellectual curiosity through exposure to academic research and unique, engaging subject content.
  • Stretch and challenge students to think deeply about content that may be beyond the confines of the curriculum.
  • Develop core academic skills, including critical thinking, independent research and data analysis through fun activities.
  • Inform students about how subjects are studied at university and provide information, advice and guidance on pursuing subjects at the undergraduate level.

See our launch poster:


Resources are designed to be used flexibly by teachers. The resources can be completed by students individually or in groups, in or out of the classroom. Here are a range of ways that coursebooks can be used!

  • Assigned as full coursebooks or individual modules for independent study (virtual learning).
  • For in class or set as homework.
  • Used for extra-curricular subject enrichment clubs.
  • As a support tool for running university access workshops.
  • To support higher attainment, stretch and extension work.
  • Set as a 'research challenge' to ignite curiosity.
  • Set as a school holiday or summer project.
  • Used by career advisors to support subject into careers pathways.

Contact [email protected] for more info.