AccessEd is pleased to present the AccessEd ZA 2020 programme summary and impact report. 

Despite unparalleled challenges associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, 4 PhD tutors from previous years returned to facilitate an adapted programme to 53 students at 2 LEAP Schools situated in Gauteng. The programme comprised of 4 university-style tutorials and a new hybrid model of in-person and digital learning.

"The adapted programme for me remains a very pivotal and fundamental approach to having an early preparation and awareness of the importance of tertiary education for younger learners." - PhD tutor at LEAP 3

Read the full AccessEd ZA 2020 programme summary and impact report here!

Data snapshot 

With the assistance of committed PhD tutors, school leaders and teachers, we observed students increase evaluation scores across our four key competencies: university readiness, self-efficacy, motivation and meta-cognition.

In addition, we saw PhD tutors develop and refine their pedagogical skills through their involvement in the programme.

The abovementioned data demonstrates that there is excellent potential for programme growth and development in the future. We look forward to planning the AccessEd ZA 2021 programme in order to continue reaching students from high-need and under-served areas of South Africa.

"After completing the  programme, I feel very good about my education, because without an education I won’t be able to make my dreams come true and succeed in life." - Grade 10 student at LEAP 3