AccessEd seeks to work with partners with the passion and potential to develop university access programmes that have an impact for young people from under-served backgrounds. These will often but not always be based on our 'blueprint' of mobilising PhD researchers to engage with schools as tutors. 

We are interested in ambitious partners that understand the education landscape and can help bring an access programme to life in their context. This could mean thinking hard about which students will benefit the most from an access programme, focusing on building life skills alongside academic skills or pathways to often under-represented qualifications or subjects where these students are needed. We can work with you to hone our tested blueprint as well as share experiences from our network. 

We invite new partners to join to our incubator through an open process that includes:

  • Initial expression of interest
  • Written application proposal
  • In-person assessment in the UK

When selecting new partners, we are looking for their alignment with AccessEd’s mission and values; education expertise; local knowledge and networks; and their capacity to commit to developing and leading a new programme.

Please get in touch to find out more about the process.

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