Renewable electricity from food waste

Key Stage 4 Biochemistry Read more

Can microalgae change the world?

Key Stage 5 Biochemistry Read more

Plasma science and its applications

Key Stage 4 Physics Read more

Wearables in Healthcare

Key Stage 4 Information and Communication Technology Read more

Positive Psychology

Key Stage 5 Psychology Read more

The Physics of Solar Energy

Key Stage 4 Physics Read more

The Britons: Peoples, Nation and Empire

Key Stage 5 History Read more

Using Statistics to Save the Environment

Key Stage 4 Maths Read more


Key Stage 4 Psychology Read more

Modern Prose: Black Feminism and Social Injustice

Key Stage 4 English Language Read more

Automatic Speech Recognition in Artificial Intelligence

Key Stage 4 Computer Science Read more

Reproductive Biology

Key Stage 4 Biology Read more

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